Quilting Eye Candy

I’m in the process of creating one place to collect all of the images of quilts or quilted items  I have made over the last 25 -30 years or so, most of which have been gifted, sold or given away. 

It started when I was looking for a design wall photo of a wallhanging I had laid out at one time.   I purposely took a photo of it because I had to take it down off the wall before the blocks were all stitched to each other and I knew I’d never get them back in the right order.   I have the baggie of block pieces but am stumped to remember how they get put together.  Eventually I’ll figure it out but while looking through stacks of CDS, none of which are clearly marked or indexed so it is a very time consuming job, I decided to gather them all together in one place.  So as I was searching for that quilt layout, I started copying quilt images and was amazed at how many of them I had forgotten I’d made (since most have been given away) or how many of them I know are still tops waiting in the stacks to be quilted!  

Of course, then there’s all the quilt photos which are actual photographs — you know the kind that are on paper that you hold in your hand too look at and not on a computer. 🙂   Eventually I hope to get them all scanned in — maybe a project for next year’s long cold winter — but I’ll continue to collect them and add them to the here.

 This blog will be my quilting history in photos (not with regular blog posts – those will remain at justquiltin.wordpress.com). 

For the moment – it  is a random, unorganized, pretty much noncaptioned collection of what I have gathered so far.    

Now grab a bowl of popcorn or cup of coffee, start the slide show and enjoy! 😉

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